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Average Charges:                                                                             Reduced Fees               Chiropractic                   $80.00                                                           $40.00                 Scalp Acupuncture        $80.00                                                           $40.00                 Decompression             $80.00                                                           $40.00                Allergy Elimination        $80.00                                                           $40.00                Arthritis Treatment       $80.00                                                             $40.00

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Ask Dr. Schneider to include you in a holistic healthcare approach.

Most patients enter the office with a specific problem or goal in mind.  Dr. Schneider will focus on helping  to restore function to your body, helping you resolve the problem or reach your goals.   Your overall health can be improved and maintained.

Think of Dr. Schneider as your primary holistic healthcare physician.

Drugs and surgery should not be the first line of healthcare.  If you really understand, drugs and surgery are not healthcare at all, they are sickness care. So, if you are currently on a medication, if you have a health problem not being addressed, or better yet if you really get it and have an interest in holistic healthcare and staying well, talk to



Do You Want absence of symptoms or do you want Health?

People go the doctor when they are sick.  Doctors then diagnose the symptoms provide you with a medical name for the symptom and provide you with a drug for that symptom.   Tests may be performed, the diagnosis may change, however the medications remain the same.  The focus is not on discovering the cause and resolving it, it is all about the symptoms.  It is like your house is on fire.  So,the fire department arrives.  You tell them about the fire, they ask you to leave and then proceed to draw the curtains shut.  Well you can’t see the fire now,  the symptom is gone, right?  Mission accomplished, right?  Unfortunately the fire continues from behind the curtain.  The house burns, more damage is done then eventually the fire burns through the curtains.  The symptoms have returned, however the condition is much worse now.  This is what happens when you utilize a sickness care system.


Do you really want Healthcare?

In a healthcare system, the type I encourage you to take part in, the focus is on maintaining and treating you while you are healthy.  Think about it.  When should you receive care, when you are healthy or when you are sick?  What would your traditional sickness care doctor say to you if you entered the doctors office and indicated the reason for your visit was you are feeling good?  He or she would probably chuckle and check your vitals.  Afterwards you would be instructed to return when you needed treated for something.  You should wait until you are broken or sick to return.

How do you get healthy

Illness and disease develop without your knowledge, without symptoms.  There are a series of events that add up over a lifetime.  Your personal history, family history and children’s history holds the clues to what is causing your current health issues and what is likely to occur in the future.

Dr. Schneider believes a thorough health history, physical exam and a meridian analysis are the steps necessary to discover why you have health problems and what should be done to correct them.

Don’t wait until you have sickness, illness, disease and symptoms!

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