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Knee Pain

Dr. William Schneider D.C., F.I.A.M.A., Dipl.Ac.  Warren Ohio Holistic Doctor trained in Chiropractor, Acupuncture, Nutrition and more explains Knee Pain.  

Is it true,  knee injuries cannot heal or repair?  This is what you are supposed to believe. Can you  imagine a world where your body has lost it’s ability to heal?  You cannot, can you?

If you break a bone you would not question it’s  ability to repair and heal. If you cut your skin you know that it would mend.  Then why is it if you tear the cartilage  in your knee that it cannot heal?

People have accepted this fallacy   that knee problems can only be treated with pain killers, anti inflammatories, cortisone injections and surgery.

That is not true.  There are non medical and non surgical solutions for knee pain,  torn cartilage and yes, even the dreaded arthritis can heal.

My investigation into the function and understanding of the complexities of the knee joint began a long time ago at the age of 20  after a horrible ski injury.  I tore  one of the most critical ligaments of the knee, the anterior cruciate ligament.

I learned that without this ligament your knee “can” become very unstable. Since I was young and athletic I was able to stabilize the joint with weight training. At that  age  I was never that concerned.

However, early in my practice as a Holistic Physician I was confronted with a patient searching for non medical solutions for torn cartilage in his knee.  He was in such a situation that surgery was not a viable option.

Considering the level of dependence this individual had in my treatment I was bound and determined to succeed.

To sum up what I learned is not easy.  For, the causes of torn cartilage are many.

First I discovered that the femur, or thigh bone, sits in a pocket formed by the tibia, or lower leg bone, and the cartilage.  If the femur and tibia are properly aligned the knee joint is very stable.

It is like the way a cup sits in the ring on a saucer. If the  cup is not seated within this ring it becomes unstable and tips over. Similarly if the femur is not aligned and seated properly in the groove or pocket  formed by the tibia and cartilage, it becomes sloppy and unstable. This  results in abnormal pressure and wearing on areas of the cartilage.  If this continues the layers of the cartilage will weaken, separate, fray and tear.

Another common cause of knee problems comes from the foot or ankle.  This is quite obvious if you watch the way people walk.  It is quite common that a person will have a foot flare out or turn  in.   Falling arches and structural instability of the ankle are additional contributing factors to knee problems. Any imbalance of the ankle translates to stress within the knee joint.

By far one of the most overlooked parts of the body contributing to knee problems comes from the low back. Structural imbalance, disc bulges or herniations, degeneration and spinal stenosis can all contribute to knee problems. Spinal conditions can even cause symptoms that appear to be coming from the knee, however the knee is perfectly normal.

And not the be ignored is the hip. The health, function and movement of the hip can have a direct affect on the knee joint.

And if that is not enough to consider there is more.  Knee problems can be caused from poor kinesiology.  This is the way you move, walk or ambulate. It is also called you gait.  Abnormal coordination in the muscles that move your body can create a chronic stress on the knee joint.

Last but not least is the concern for nutritional deficiencies. If you lack certain key nutrients the cartilage, ligaments, bones and tendons can weaken contributing to knee problems.

Now you know, it is not that simple. However, that does not mean you cannot heal and repair a knee injury.

I have not only studied and developed a thorough understanding of what causes knee problems, I have also  developed solutions for correcting them.

After a thorough exam and diagnosis

I will put together a comprehensive approach to help you to restore health and heal your knee.

Always remember this; your body has the ability to heal and repair.  You can always restore the health to your knee.

Dr. Schneider has been in practice in Warren, Ohio for over 20 years. For additional information you may contact him at The Pain & Wellness Center, 2835 Elm Rd., N.E., Warren, Ohio, phone 330-372-7246.