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Warren Ohio Chiropractor Discusses Medical Errors Cause Deaths

Warren Ohio Chiropractor Medical Errors cause DeathWarren Ohio Chiropractor discusses medical errors cause death.

The number 3 cause of death is medical errors.  Over 250,ooo deaths every year is associated with such errors leading to death.  This is from a report in the British Medical Journal.

As a Holistic Physician I provide therapies such as Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Graston, Laser Therapy and more; that are safe and effective, giving patients a safe alternative.

It is that statement that is the biggest misconception in healthcare.  Is non-medical therapy an alternative?  Well when you consider the number of deaths directly associated with medical intervention, it would be a difficult position to defend.

You should always utilize the safest, least invasive, lowest possible side effect solution first.

As a Holistic Physician I focus on healing, repairing and restoring a patients health.  All of the therapies I provide are safe a quite effective, especially when compared to the statistics on medical intervention.

It is only common sense that you should receive the safest therapy as a primary not an alternative.

When a statement like this comes from the profession providing the care, you need to think twice.  “Medical care has become really complex,” said Dr. David Classen, an associate professor of medicine at the University of Utah who was not involved in the study. “It’s no longer one single physician taking care of a single person at a hospital. It’s these huge groups of people now, and mistakes get made.”

Don’t be a victim of a mistake.  If you want a Holistic Approach that is safe and effective, give Warren OhioHolistic Doctor, Chiropractor and Acupuncturist Dr.William Schneider D.C., FIAMA, Dipl.Ac a call at 330-372-7246.  His office is at 2835 Elm Rd. N.E., Warren Ohio 44483


Warren Ohio Chiropractor Warns Obamacare Dangers


Dr. William Schneider D.C., FIAMA, Dipl.Ac Warren Ohio Holistic Doctor warns that it is imperative  that you are taking care of your health.

With Obamacare getting more and more expensive and access becoming more limited, you either take care of yourself or suffer the consequences.

A recent report on Obamacare quotes:

“On Monday, the White House gave the country the bad news: Premiums are indeed going up an average of 25 percent in the 39 states with working exchanges, and in many places, people will only have one insurer they can buy plans from. Though government subsidies will help most of those covered by Obamacare—and this doesn’t affect people who get insurance through their jobs—this is still bad news for the complicated system.”

Now, more than ever you need a doctor that will keep you healthy.

Imagine a physician who helps to correct physical trauma’s from slips and falls rather than covering up the symptoms with medications

Imagine if physician who focuses on diet and nutrition rather than drugs and medications

Imagine the benefits of having Acupuncture Chiropractic Nutrition and a whole array of holistic treatments.

If that is the type of healthcare you want give Doctor Schneider a call at 330-372-7246 his office is located at 2835 Elm Rd. N.E. Warren, Ohio


Warren Ohio Acupuncturist how Acupuncture Helps You Lose Weight

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-10-13-40-amDr. William Schneider D.C., FIAMA, Dipl.Ac, Warren Ohio Acupuncturist how acupuncture can help you lose weight.


You may be struggling losing weight.  You may be frustrated that you cannot lose weight with the diet and exercise program you are using.  You feel there is something you are missing.  And you are probably wondering if Acupuncture can help you lose weight.

There is a study:

“New research shows dieting success may be hardwired into the brain”


that show this may really be the answer you are looking for.  Recent studies show that:

“The findings show that dieting success may be easier for some people because they have an improved white matter pathway connecting the executive control and reward systems in their brain.”

There are also studies that show that acupuncture causes increased activity in the brain.

Proper diet and exercise can be the solution you are looking for.

The only problem is, you cannot seem to get rid of the cravings.  As the study indicates:

” Chronic dieters are known to show excessive reactions to food cues in executive control and reward areas of the brain, in addition to having depleted cognitive control and over-rewarding with high calorie foods in real life situations. Chen et al took a group of thirty six chronic dieters, with mean body fat of 29.6%, and asked them to make simple judgements on images in order to divert their attention from the real aim of the task.”

The activity carried out was a food cue reactivity task designed to localize the executive control and reward areas in the brain, using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). After localizing the executive control and reward areas, Chen et al used diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to identify the white matter track connecting these areas in order to quantify the integrity within this tract.

The fMRI results demonstrated that dieters showed greater reactivity to food images than control images. The DTI results further showed that those with lower body fat percentages showed greater white matter integrity between executive control and reward areas of the brain. The findings support their hypothesis that structural integrity connecting the two centres relates to individual differences in body fat and is an indication of dieting success. The authors state, “Individuals with reduced integrity may have difficulty in overriding rewarding temptations, leading to a greater chance of becoming obese than those with higher structural integrity.”

If you want to enhance your weight loss success, if you are considering acupuncture.  Give Dr. Schneider a call at the Pain and Wellness Center at 2835 Elm Rd. N.E. Warren Ohio 44483 phone 330-372-7246



Warren Ohio Acupuncturist accepted by Family Physicians

acupuncture-needlesWarren Ohio Acupuncturist Dr. William Schneider is happy to be accepted by family physicians as an approved treatment for pain.

Here is a quote from the American Academy of Family Physicians:

“Acupuncture is increasingly used as an alternative or complementary therapy for the treatment of pain. It is well tolerated, with a low risk of serious adverse effects. Traditional and modern acupuncture techniques may result in reported improvement in pain patterns. Research on acupuncture has had a number of limitations, including: incomplete understanding of the physiologic effects of acupuncture; ineffective blinding of participants; unclear adequacy of acupuncture “dose;” difficulty in identification of suitable sham or placebo treatments; and the use of standardized treatment regimens rather than the individualized approach that characterizes most acupuncture practice. Controlled trials have been published regarding acupuncture for lumbar, shoulder, and neck pain; headache; arthritis; fibromyalgia; temporomandibular joint pain; and other pain syndromes. Enough data are available for some conditions to allow systematic evaluations or meta-analyses. Based on published evidence, acupuncture is most likely to benefit patients with low back pain, neck pain, chronic idiopathic or tension headache, migraine, and knee osteoarthritis. Promising but less definitive data exist for shoulder pain, fibromyalgia, temporomandibular joint pain, and postoperative pain. Acupuncture has not been proven to improve pain from rheumatoid arthritis. For other pain conditions, there is not enough evidence to draw conclusions.”

If you are considering acupuncture.  Give Dr. Schneider a call at the Pain and Wellness Center at 2835 Elm Rd. N.E. Warren Ohio 44483 phone 330-372-7246


Warren Ohio Acupuncturist Advanced Acupuncture

Warren Ohio Acupuncturist advanced acupuncture. Acupuncture is over 5,000 years old. There have  been very little advances in the technique since then.

Considering how effective this technique is for eleviating pain, headaches, high blood pressure, depression, insomnia, irritable bowl syndrome and more, it is surprising how few Americans have tried it.

Now there are modern day advancements to include technology such as nanotechnology.  Considering how effective acupuncture already is, it will be exciting to discover how much this advancement enhances the outcomes.

If you would like to discover how acupuncture can help you.  Contact Dr. William Schneider.  He is trained as an Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, Chiropractor, Functional Medicine and more.

Whether you have back pain, herniated disc, fibromyalgia, knee problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, Sciatica, plantar fascitis, depressiin, ADHD, dimentia or many other conditions, acupuncturencan help.


Warren Ohio Holistic Doctor

Holistic Healthcare

Imagine a world where you are healthy. Where you have access to restorative, corrective, healing approaches.Imagine physicians who focus on getting to the root cause of your health problems.

No, this is not a dream, it is not a fantasy, it is reality. You are at that point in time. This is the type of healthcare you have been waiting for.

Too many people suffer from traditional healthcare. You are born into a system in which you are indoctrinated in medicine.You receive your vaccinations, take your antibiotics, use pain medications, high blood pressure drugs, high cholesterol pharmaceuticals and so on.

You accept the medical approach as the only solution to your health problems.Are you unable to break free of this diseased based system?

I believe everyone has experienced brief moments of expanded awareness.

You ever so briefly recognize that something is amiss……..However, it quickly fades amidst the constant propaganda and frenzied lifestyle you live.

You suspect vaccinations, drugs and surgeries are not the right approach.

Stick around maybe I can help.

What is Holistic?

Holistic Healthcare is a term used quite loosely today. To be Holistic the approach must encompass the body as a whole. Is Nutrition holistic? Not in and of itself.

Is Chiropractic holistic ? Once again not in and of itself.

Is Acupuncture Holistic? NO…Not in and of itself.

So, What is Holistic? Holistic is treating the body as a whole….. UTILIZING a coordinated harmonized approach.

Holistic Healthcare addresses the physical, physiological or what you may understand as chemical or nutritional and electrical systems of the body in a united approach.

The focus is to help you resolve the symptom by correcting and restoring balance to the body. For these individual systems commingle forming a holographic representation of you.

You are the KEY.  NOT YOUR SYMPTOMS.  In my early practice, I was frustrated.  I was not having the success I felt I should.

Through long hours of study and analysis… I eventually figured out what I was missing. I figured out how to have amazing success helping people get healthy again.

You see just like everyone else in society….I had been conditioned. The traditional medical system affected my ability to understand the reason people were sick and suffering.

I was trying to apply a non-medical approach using a medical philosophy and framework.  You see medicine is solely based on your symptom.. illness and disease.

If 100 individuals have the same symptom, all 100 get the same or very similar treatment.

This approach has similarly affected the outcome for patients seeking non-medical treatments. For example if you have high blood pressure.  You go to your medical practitioner and you are prescribed a medication for high blood pressure.

Similarly if you attempt to resolve high blood pressure with non-medical therapies, you or the practitioner you seek out.. will attempt to apply remedies focused on high blood pressure.

This is the error.

You see there is no way that all 100 of them have high blood pressure for the same reason. Consequently, if you attempt the same therapies or remedies on all 100 of these individuals only a small number will respond.

This is one of the keys to my approach.

I am “NOT CONCERNED” specifically with your symptom illness or disease.

You have whatever you have.. as a result of your own unique individual imbalances.  And in order to resolve your condition.. you have to discover what they are and use a SYNCHRONIZED APPROACH. 

That is what I do, that is how Holistic Healthcare Works!

Let me tell you..You have the ability to heal….You can repair the damage…You can Restore your health…..

Let’s Get Started!








Better Eat Organic Roundup Kills

Research indicates that product like Roundup with the chemical glyphosphate in them may cause cancer. Read the following article published in the Wall Street Journal.

Roundup Causes Cancer

Why are cancer rates skyrocketing. We have been lied to the public is been led to believe that these chemicals are safe.

I used to be able to tell people eat healthy eat the fruits vegetables and meat. Unfortunately that is no longer true. You must eat organic.

People complain that organic food is too expensive. That is not true it is definitely not as expensive as the GMO chemical laden food that you got from fast food restaurants.

My diet cost me less than $10 a day to eat. And that is all organic food. Obviously I Avoid the expense of things like McDonald’s and Burger King and cakes and candies, donuts and pies

You no longer have a choice. Either spend a little bit on organic foods now or spend a lot on treating your cancer later.

Doctor Schneider has a degree in nutrition and I spent over 25 years working in the field of clinical nutrition.

If you’re having health problems consult with Doctor Schneider beyond eating organic there is much more that can be done.


Beware! Cholesterol Drugs Kill


If you take cholesterol-lowering drugs you may not be receiving the benefits you believe. Increased rates of cancer, cataracts, diabetes, cognitive impairments and musculoskeletal disorders more than offset the modest cardiovascular benefits of statin treatment. Read the following article you will find out cholesterol drugs do not benefit you. http://m.naturalnews.com/news/049079_statins_statistical_deception_Big_Pharma.html


Warren Ohio Chiropractor Explains Pain

 Medicine Figures Out Pain and Holistic Healthcare

and Doesn’t Know it!


Cause of Pain Discovered

Cause of Pain Discovered

According to an article  Source: Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Pain typically has a clear cause–but not always. When a person touches something hot or bumps into a sharp object, it’s no surprise that it hurts. But for people with certain chronic pain disorders, including fibromyalgia and phantom limb pain, a gentle caress can result in agony.

In a major breakthrough, a team led by researchers at the Salk Institute and Harvard Medical School have identified an important neural mechanism in the spinal cord that appears to be capable of sending erroneous pain signals to the brain.

Comment provided by Dr. Schneider

*   the mechanism they are speaking of is called a spinal subluxation discovered by Chiropractic over 100 years ago.  It is also a part of the underlying concept of Acupuncture*

By charting the spinal circuits that process and transmit pain signals in mice, the study, published online November 20, 2014 in Cell, lays the groundwork for identifying ways to treat pain disorders that have no clear physical cause.

“Until now, the spinal cord circuitry involved in processing pain has remained a black box,” says Martyn Goulding, Salk professor in the Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory and a co-senior author of the paper. “Identifying the neurons that make up these circuits is the first step in understanding how chronic pain stems from dysfunctional neural processing.”

Comment provided by Dr. Schneider

*Once again the “dysfunctional neural processing” the author is speaking of is from abnormal function of the vertebra, muscle, ligaments and entire joint complex which is called a Subluxation. This dysfunction affects the spinal cord and nervous system leading to the abnormal neural processing or what the author refers to as “no clear physical cause.”  Dr.Schneider has been identifying and treating these neural conditions successfully for 20 years*

In many instances, people who suffer from chronic pain are sensitive to stimuli that don’t normally cause pain, such as a light touch to the hand or a subtle change in skin temperature. These conditions, referred to generally as forms of allodynia, include fibromyalgia and nerve damage that is caused by diseases such as diabetes, cancer and autoimmune disorders.

In other instances, the mysterious pain arises after amputation of a limb, which often leads to discomfort that seems to be centered on the missing appendage. These sensations often subside in the months following the amputation, but may linger indefinitely, causing long-term chronic pain for the sufferer.

“These disorders are extremely frustrating for patients, because there is still no effective treatment for such chronic pain disorders,” says Qiufu Ma, a professor of neurobiology at Harvard Medical School and co-senior author on the paper.

Comment provided by Dr. Schneider

*What the author should have stated is that there is no effective medical treatment.  This is a prime example of the medical profession’s arrogance.  If they have not discovered a drug or surgery to cover-up or destroy something then they tell the patient that there is no effective treatment.  That is not accurate.   Dr. Schneider has effective treatments to restore the normal neuronal messages and relieve the pain. These treatments have been available for years.  However they have been ignored by medicine*

Scientists have long theorized that pain signals are sent from sensory neurons in the limbs and other extremities to transmission neurons in the spinal cord, which then relay the information to the brain. At each of these three steps–extremities, spinal cord and brain–the pain information can be altered or even blocked before being relayed onward through the nervous system to the brain. The circuitry in the spinal cord is particularly important, as it is able to gate painful stimuli, thereby acting as a checkpoint between the body and the brain to make sure that only the most important pain signals are transmitted.

Previous studies had determined that two types of sensory neurons appeared to be involved in these circuits: pain receptors and touch receptors.

In their new study, the Salk and Harvard researchers set out to precisely identify the spinal neurons involved in these circuits. They deciphered the role each of two neuronal cell types play in the processing of pain signals in the dorsal horn, the location where the sensory neurons connect with the spinal cord.

The scientists discovered that a class of mechanoreceptors in the skin that detect painful mechanical stimuli are part of a feedback circuit in which excitatory neurons that produce the hormone somatostatin are inhibited by neurons that synthesize dynorphin (a natural analgesic molecule that produces effects similar to opiates). The inhibitory neurons they identified appear to control whether touch activates the excitatory neurons to send a pain signal to the brain.

This finding begins to explain how a light touch can cause discomfort in someone with allodynia: if something is awry in the pain circuitry, then the sensations of touch that normally travels through the mechanoreceptors could instead activate other neurons that trigger a pain signal. Similarly, mechanoreceptor fibers that project to the spinal cord from a missing limb might spur erroneous pain signals.

“Normally, only pain receptors are involved in sending pain signals to the brain, but when the spinal dynorphin inhibitory neurons are lost, touch sensation are now perceived as painful,” says Goulding, holder of Salk’s Frederick W. and Joanna J. Mitchell Chair. “This really opens the door to understanding what’s happening in these pain disorders where the cause of the pain is seemingly innocuous or not known. It could be that something has gone awry in how this spinal circuitry is operating, so sensations become jumbled together and emerge as pain.”

Comment provided by Dr. Schneider

*What has gone wrong is there is an imbalance within the spine.    This imbalance interferes with the normal regulation of the nerve signal.  Dr. Schneider knows how to analyze your body for these imbalances and has the ability to apply the appropriate treatment to resolve the issue, restoring normal nervous system function relieving the symptom

If you know someone suffering with the above issues, let them know that there are answers.  It is not a mystery.  You do not have to rely on the limited exposure and bias that exists within traditional medicine.   These conditions can be resolved.  You can restore your health.  With the right treatment your body can heal and repair.

Journal Reference:

Bo Duan, Longzhen Cheng, Steeve Bourane, Olivier Britz, Christopher Padilla, Lidia Garcia-Campmany, Michael Krashes, Wendy Knowlton, Tomoko Velasquez, Xiangyu Ren, Sarah E. Ross, Bradford B. Lowell, Yun Wang, Martyn Goulding, Qiufu Ma. Identification of Spinal Circuits Transmitting and Gating Mechanical Pain. Cell, 2014; 159 (6): 1417 DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2014.11.003


Warren Ohio Chiropractor Resolves Arthritis


Warren Ohio Chiropractor Resolves Arthritis

Warren Ohio Chiropractor Resolves Arthritis

Warren Ohio Chiropractor discovers how to resolve arthritis.  His experience within Chiropractic, Nutrition and Acupuncture has enabled him to better understand and resolve this complex condition.

Do you really know what arthritis is?  It probably is not what you have been told.  Is arthritis an overuse syndrome?  If it is then how do some people develop arthritic hands while others, who also use their hands, not develop it?  Does arthritis have an internal or external cause?

Arthritis by definition is simple to understand.  “Arth”, means joint and “itis”, means inflammation.  So, arthritis is an inflamed joint. How did the joint get inflamed?  There are several possibilities, and similar to the cause of other inflammatory conditions within the body.  Arthritis and the inflammation that creates it can be caused by physical stresses, chemical or physiologic stresses, allergies and infections.

Physical stresses do include such things as overuse, falls traumas and injuries.  A joint should be able to tolerate average use, and in most cases even over-use.  However there are limits.  And one of the limiting factors is abnormal alignment and movement of the joint.  If a joint is traumatized and is misaligned the movement can be altered.  Understand that there are different degrees of this misalignment.  The most severe is called a dislocation; you definitely know this has occurred.  The next, less severe is called a luxation, not a dislocation however usually symptomatic.  And the least severe and not often recognized is a subluxation.  You probably do not know this has occurred.  It is the silent physical destroyer of joints.  If the above problems are diagnosed and then corrected, the arthritic condition can be stopped, reversed and possibly corrected.  Dr. Schneider understands these causes, can identify and correct them.

Whereas physical components that cause arthritis are somewhat straight forward, chemical or physiological stresses are somewhat more confusing.  There are many different chemical or physiologic stresses.  One of the most damaging of these stresses is toxicity.  Toxins in the forms of fertilizers, pesticides, heavy metal, food additives, preservatives and more contribute to arthritis.  This can occur in several ways.  The toxins can be deposited in the joints.  This leads to inflammation and a possible direct cause of degeneration. For the toxins they can actually eat away at the joints. Another common physiologic stress that may lead into arthritis is a ph imbalance.  Diet, emotional stress, glandular dysfunction and drugs can alter your normal ph.  If  your joints become to alkaline, you will deposit calcium within them.  These are the bone spurs you see on an x-ray.  With the proper analysis, Dr. Schneider will discover what physiologic and chemical stresses you have been exposed to, the damage done and how to correct it.

Physiologic stress can also be in the form of allergies.  While this may be difficult to understand, an allergic reaction does cause an inflammatory response.  Just as you may have swelling of your sinuses if you are allergic to weeds, this reaction does not limit itself to the sinuses.  And any allergy you may have causes a little bit of inflammation, chronic allergies cause chronic inflammation.  Whether it is other combined conditions of physical imbalance or abnormal immune reactions this chronic inflammation can be a cause of arthritis. Dr. Schneider can help you to identify the things you may be allergic to.  If you are motivated Dr. Schneider can also help you to relieve your allergies and reduce the inflammation contributing to your arthritis.

Another hard to imagine cause of arthritis involves infections.  It has been claimed, even by medical physicians, that arthritis appears to be an infection.  Dr. Schneider agrees. It does appear that many arthritic conditions occur as a result of an infection in the joint.  Two acupuncturists also agree with this cause and developed an acupuncture based approach to help the body stop the infections damage to the joint. Dr. Schneider has learned the technique and will be more than happy to help you stop this form of arthritis.